About Us

Jennifer and CurtisI am a man with a lot of interests. As a young guy growing up in the country in North Carolina I loved my cars, loud music and loud engines, typical boy stuff. I was and am also a lover of Disney…. So when I got a little older I went down to Florida for a few years and was good friends with Goofy and Tigger. I was also quite the candy maker in the Magic Kingdom area. After a few good years there I got certified as a commercial diver … did I mention I had a lot of interests? Underwater welding and bouncing from city to city was fatiguing, so I made my way back to North Carolina and joined law enforcement. It was during that time I met my wife Jennifer on eHarmony … and no we never did a commercial! She carried around this little purse that was just falling to pieces. So I decided I wanted to make her one. Now I am aware most people would have just purchased a new purse, but I always did things a little differently. So I spoke to a friend who is a saddle maker, bought some starter kits, read some “how to” books and made my first bag. From there I started making bags for friends, coworkers, and so on. My wife being the business type that she is saw some potential, and over the next few years we learned new things, made new bags and here we are!

We want to deliver quality, handmade leather bags built here in the U.S. that will last you a lifetime. We hear the phrase all too often, “They just don’t make things like they use to.” Well we are kickin it old school and going back to basic principles we feel strongly about. American made, Quality Products, Built to Last.

We live in Knightdale North Carolina, work out of our home, and we are ready for you to see our work!

first purse

The bag that started it all.