Our Leather

Leather 1Our cows and pigs are pretty close to one another and don’t like to share the same space with fabric liners, zippers, snaps etc. They are proud of the markings that they have and even though they try to stay active they might still have a few stretch marks that they just couldn’t get rid of. Yes, they also remember that time when they got too close to the barbed wire fence or forgot to put on their bug spray and received a few bites. Some of them may have traveled and had to get a new passport stamp (brands) but this is what makes each one of them unique.

To make it simple, we use top quality full grain and chrome oil tan leathers. Some of our products are lined, and we use pigskin to line our bags. It’s strong, durable and easy to clean. We do not care for hardware like zippers that will break over time, so we focus on using hardware that will last. Because the strongest leather is right under the cows fur, you may have a bag that shows a brand, some stretch marks, or maybe a bug bite. We do not consider these flaws, if there are any markings with structural concern we will not use it, otherwise your bag may or may not come with a little bit of history.